Two weeks of traditional Scottish music and dance workshops (reported by Macau Daily Times) took place in Macau Anglican College.

These were run by two professional musicians and workshop leaders from Scotland, Kate Badcock and Roddy Jonhston. The integration of learning about the geography, history, literature and culture of Scotland helped deepen the students’ understanding and appreciation of Scottish music and dance. It was a great cultural and artistic enriching opportunity for the students which also broadened their international perspectives in a fun and enjoyable way. The workshops culminated in two wonderful ceilidh performances where many parents enthusiastically joined in with their children to participate in the dancing.


guzhengworkshopeesmallPARIS GUZHENG WORKSHOP

The two-hour taster workshop kicked off with familiar French nursery rhymes played on the guzheng. The lively children started singing almost as soon as the instrumentalists began playing. Following a brief explanation of the guzheng and its history, the children had the opportunity to get up close to the instrument itself, as they were divided into groups and, after putting on their special guzheng ‘nails’, off they went to play their very first Chinese instrument.