Cultural Events


Being the largest settlement of an overseas Chinese community in Europe, the events organised by Paris 13th District not only attracted a large crowd of spectators; the Macao’s photography exhibition was honoured to be attended by Zhai Jun (Chinese Ambassador to France), Jean-Marie Le Guen (Minister of State for Relations with Parliament), Jérôme Coumet (Mayor of 13th District) and Buon-Huong Tan (then Councillor of Paris and Deputy Mayor of 13th District, member of the French parliament since 2016).

Chinese New Year (CNY) is not only celebrated in China but in Chinese communities across the world. These overseas celebrations have become an important window for the world to learn about China and for dialogues between people.

The Culture Bridge partnered with the Paris Council of 13th District (Mairie du 13e) to hold a two-week long Photographic Exhibition: Macao’s Traditional Festivals in the galleries of the Council Hall. The exhibition displayed a collection of 50 photographs telling the stories behind Macao’s role of ‘East Meets West’ over the last 400 years. A special edition pamphlet (500 copies) was produced in Chinese, French and English explaining the history, background and practice of these festivals.

Special thanks are due to  Macau Digital Photography Association for co-organising this exhibition, and Macao Foundation and Macau Government Tourism Office for their financial support


The Culture Bridge, in partnership with the Paris Council of the 13th District (Mairie du 13e, Paris), organised a concert from Macao as part of Mairie du 13e’s three-week-long annual Chinese New Year events.



Concert: Love of Silk Strings was opened by Madam Wang Yuan (First Secretary, Chinese Embassy in France) and Mr Buon-Huong Tan (then Councillor of Paris and Deputy Mayor of 13th District, member of the French parliament since 2016). It was very well attended by an extremely enthusiastic audience of over 500 people in the City Hall of Mairie du 13e. Nine young musicians from Macao Youth Guzheng Ensemble brought the Parisian audience an evening of 13 pieces of primarily traditional Chinese guzheng music. Some of the pieces were accompanied by erhu, piano, cello and flute. The players were ultimately rewarded with a standing ovation.

Click on the titles of the songs below to watch videos of the performances.

Fighting the Typhoon 戰颱風je-photo

Spring Seeding 春苗

The Western Capriccio 西部主題暢想曲

Girls Picking Mushrooms 採蘑菇的小姑娘

The Lonesome Spring Blossom 春花望露

The Misty Morning 曉霧audience

Czardas 查爾達斯

Romantic Breeze of Spring 戀春風

Autumn Moon over the Han Palace 漢宮秋月



Special thanks to Creative Macau for hosting and Teledifusão de Macau for broadcasting the “Musical Dialogue”.

Kate Badcock, Roddy Johnston and Kin Wai Wong’s improvised session playing the flute, violin, bagpipes and guzheng was no doubt the highlights of the evening. The opportunity for Chinese and British musicians to share their musical tastes and experiences is a good example of how such cultural activities can invigorate both parties’ artistic expression.


hpsilkkiltSILK AND KILT

The “Silk and Kilt” project aims to bring together Chinese and Scottish music and musicians for creative exchange and long-term collaborations.

Phase one of the project was launched in 2015 in Macao. Musicians from Dancing Feet Ceilidh Band (Scottland) had wonderful opportunities to discuss and share music with musicians from Macao Taoist Association and Macao Youth Guzheng Ensemble.

The most exciting part of this musical dialogue so far has been that the musicians from both China and Scotland have found far more similarities in each other’s music and instruments than they might previously have anticipated, coming from very different cultural backgrounds.

The next phase of the project is to grow the seeds planted and bring Chinese musicians to Scotland for more exciting musical dialogues.