About Us

We firmly believe there are more similarities than differences between people living in very different parts of the world.

The Culture Bridge (TCB) came about from a simple idea; to connect people of different cultures, people who live in very different parts of the world, but who share something in common despite the ‘language barriers’ or ‘cultural differences’. It is these shared interests which can be the catalyst to bring people together, to learn about each other and to collaborate, and in doing so to develop a greater understanding of each other.

TCB is a social enterprise company which acts as a bridge between different cultures. Our mission is to build trust, enable collaboration and optimise benefits for the education and cultural sectors in China and the UK. As a community interest company, TCB commits to utilising at least two-thirds of the company’s profits to realising and furthering its social mission. TCB is regulated by the UK government’s Office of the Regulator of Community Interest Companies.